Although the festive season is one filled with much celebration and laughter, it is not always the same for all. For some, it is yet another day of struggle to earn extra money to live for the next day. Otara recently spent another night on the streets of Colombo visiting less fortunate families and taking time to listen to their stories.

The shortage of opportunities, lack of education to earn a better living, no family support or terminal illness were many of the heart-wrenching reasons most of them ended up on the streets. It was sad to see little children seated by the roadside doing their homework.

This is a regular program Otara does, particularly around Christmas and New Year in an effort to bring a smile on their faces. They all received food, while the children were given school bags, shoes and other necessities needed for their new school year. Little changes can bring about great hope for the next generation. The time for change is now; it is time for a better future and better life for all.