Vegetarian Meal for the Street Dogs and Homeless People of Kelaniya otara2

Otara, in partnership with the Animal Rights Protection Force and the Embark team, held a feeding program for stray dogs and cats in the Kelaniya area. Hungry tummies were treated to a delicious vegetarian meal of rice, pumpkin, soya and mukunuwenne that was made by none other than Otara herself!

Tree Planting in Celebration of Otara’s Birthday otara1

In celebration of her 53rd birthday, Otara recently planted 53 trees – one for each year of her life, with the vision of a greener, more sustainable future for Sri Lanka and the hope of inspiring others to do the same for theirs. The tree planting took place along Sri

Trip to Mahiyanganaya otara3

Otara recently visited the Veddhas in Mahiyanganaya to learn about their unique lifestyle, culture and heritage. She met with the leader of the indigenous group, Uruwarige Wannila Aththo, to hear what he had to say about Sri Lanka’s current social and environmental situation. Click here to find out more of

Let’s Talk otara1 (1)

Otara spoke out to help those who struggle with depression using her own life experiences as one example   Speak to Sumithrayo for confidential emotional support. Call: 0112 6966 66

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