Every being deserves to live 6

Otara rescued two cows and calf, from the slaughterhouse. The mother had given birth to the calf in the slaughter house and was spared her life for a few days. The mother of the other female had been killed. She has long been a follower and an advocate following a compassionate

Green school program at the Pallegama Maha Vidyalaya 7

Children are the future to protect Sri Lanka and its beautiful natural heritage. Otara joined the launch of the “Green School Program” at the Pallegama Maha Vidyalaya, sharing her views and inspiring the school children. On her way to the event, Otara also rescued a tiny little puppy called “Tiny”, from the streets. He

Conversation with Hemas Ltd. on “Connecting People to Nature” 8

Creating an awareness about the importance of Nature, Otara addressed the employees of Hemas Ltd, on “Connecting People to Nature”. Facilitating conversations such as these in corporates goes a long way in promoting a lifestyle that is connected to the environment.

Tree planting with the little stars of “Nilla Madin Yan” 9

“Nilla madin yan” is an adventure movie based on protecting our environment. Otara joined a tree planting event with the little actors and actresses of the movie, in honor of the World Environment Day. The movie is currently under production, directed by Pradeep Mahesh Liyanage.

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